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Hello, I am Haris Amin...

I'm a software engineer/entrepeneur living in Brooklyn, New York. I'm a cofounder/co-CTO of Glimpse .

Previously I worked as a Senior Software Engineer at DailyBurn.

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The works I am proud of


Kar Nanny

Kar Nanny Helps You Track Your Kids And Cheating Spouse Using GM’s App Platform. [TechCrunch]

Cyborg Vision

Augmenting vision with details about whomever you're looking at is no longer just a trick for artificially intelligent machines in a post-apocalyptic 2029. [Mashable]

Cyborg Vision

Cyborg Vision for the iPhone makes the world look like Terminator [The Next Web]

Cyborg Vision

Cyborg Vision iPhone App Is 100% Pure Useless Fun. [Gizmodo]

Kar Nanny

Cyborg Vision iPhone App Uses Facial Recognition to Let You Scan Your Friends Like a Terminator [Betabeat]

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